Your Guide To The Best Fall Shoes

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Gone are the days of wearing flip-flops and sandals every day. Now that the weather is getting cooler, wetter, and for some of you snowy, it is time to put some real shoes on.

For this fall shoe guide, I have rounded up my top picks for each trending shoe style. When picking shoes I considered price, versatility, comfort, and quality. After days of scouring the internet, I have found the best shoes to get you through fall. I’ve included designer shoes to inspire you and budget-friendly options that you can afford to buy.

Ballet Flats

Everyone needs a good pair of flats. This year ballet flats are making a comeback. However, they are not the super round-toe flats from back in the day. Look for updated styles with an almond or square toe. You will also want to avoid any styles with embellishments or large logos. So put away your Tori Burch flats. I have included some luxury designer brands so you can see the shape of ballet flats that are currently in style.

Chelsea Boots

If you don’t have a great pair of Chelsea boots in your closet, you need to buy a pair. This super-versatile shoe goes with everything. If you buy a water-resistant pair you can even wear them in the rain.

Western Style Boots

You can thank the Gen Z fashion girlies for this style being popular. They are pairing western boots with pretty much everything. I would suggest trying out some budget friendly options to see if this style is for you before investing in a more expensive pair.


Clogs have become so popular, Birkenstock can’t keep up with demand. If comfort is your goal, opt for a clog with a very low to flat heel. If you want height look for clogs with wooden heels.

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