The Ultimate Fall Bucket List (2022 Edition)

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I don’t know about you but I am beyond excited for FALL! I’ve always been a major fan of this time of year, but my love grew exponentially once I became a parent. I have a built-in excuse to go to all the pumpkin patches, buy apple cider donuts, and go to the petting zoo. But don’t think for a second that this list is just for parents or only includes the cliche fall activities. I am calling this the ultimate fall bucket list because it is just that. You’ll find activities to do with family and friends but I’ve also included things you can do yourself.

Ultimate Fall Bucket List

Go To The Farmer’s Market One Last Time

If you live in a city with a seasonal farmer’s market, make sure to go one more time before it closes for the season. Sellers will be eager to get rid of their wares plus you can stock up on lovely fall produce.

Don’t know what produce is in season? Check out this seasonal food guide.

Pick Your Own Produce

If the farmer’s market isn’t your thing, but you want fresh produce, head to a u-pick farm. Not only can you save money by picking your own produce, but it’s also a nice way to get outside. If you do go make sure to check the farm’s u-pick schedule and show up early. By going in the morning you will avoid the heat but also have the first pick of all the produce.

Make A Pie From Scratch

With your bounty of fresh fruit, try your hand at making a pie from scratch. If making a crust scares you, make a cobble or crumble instead. Any fruit that doesn’t get eaten or made into a pie, can be frozen for future baking.

Visit A Vineyard

Fall is the perfect time to visit a vineyard. In the United States, grapes are harvested for wine between August and October. If you don’t drink, you can enjoy the time outside while eating a cheese plate.

Looking for a family-friendly spot in Oregon? Check out Stoller Estate.

Go Antiquing

While you are out and about looking for u-pick farms or vineyards, keep an eye open for antique stores. You’ll find the best stores, most unique finds, and best prices the farther you get from the city- center.

To make the most of antique shopping, make sure to have bungee cords, blankets, and a cleaned-out trunk. There is nothing worse than finding a great piece and not being able to buy it because you were not prepared.

Take A Scenic Drive

While the weather is cooler and the leaves are turning is the best time to take a scenic drive. Since you will be out in the middle of nowhere, there won’t be places to eat or a Starbucks. Bring a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate, pack snacks, or bring an entire picnic basket. Don’t forget to bring a blanket, too.

Go Hiking

Get up close and personal with the fall foilge by going on a hike. Pick a hike with a pretty waterfall and you will have the ultimate fall hike experience.

Make sure you have parking passes and permits when they are required.

Attend Oktoberfest

If you love to attend events and festivals, make sure to add an Oktoberfest celebration to your list. Make sure to bring cash, an empty stomach, and a designated driver if you plan on drinking.

Swap Out Your Wardrobe

This might not be as fun as the other items on this fall bucket list, but it is still something you should do once the temperatures start going down. Make sure your fall clothes are in good condition and that they fit. Make a list of things you need if your wardrobe has gaps.

Update Your Beauty Routine

With the cooler temperatures, you’ll want to update your skincare routine. Pick a moisturizer that offers a bit more hydration and book yourself a facial or chemical peel. Fall is the perfect time to do laser treatments, chemical peels, microneedling, and the like since you are less likely to be out in the sun.

PS. Even though it isn’t summer, you still need to wear SPF daily.

Go To The Pumpkin Patch

You can’t have a fall bucket list without including a visit to the pumpkin patch. If you have kids you probably have a favorite patch that you visit each year. For those without kids, don’t write off the pumpkin patch yet. There is plenty of fun to have from eating apple cider donuts to getting lost in the corn maze.

Host A Fall Movie Marathon

You don’t have to watch scary movies just because it is fall. You can do a scary movie marathon if you want, but you can also opt to watch movies with very strong fall vibes. Make some fun snacks like kettle corn or apple cider and bust out the cozy blankets.

Join or Host A Book Club

If you really love to read and discuss books, consider joining a book club. Can’t find one to join? Host your own. If your book-loving friends don’t live close, consider meeting up over Zoom.

Throw A Tailgate Party

If you are into sports and grilling, then you will love hosting a tailgate party. You can get really fancy with your party like the Gilmores do at the Harvard vs Yale game. Or you can have a more budget-friendly version with folding chairs and a portable grill.

Book A Fall Trip

Most people travel during the summer and during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean it is the only time to travel. In fact, traveling during the fall is a great way to save money since it is usually considered off-season.

Book your flight and hotel at the same time through Expedia. Looking for something remote? Try Getaway House.

Volunteer In Your Community

Volunteers are needed in your community all year, but they are especially vital to the holiday season. Consider serving at a soup kitchen, sorting food at a food pantry, or organizing a school supply drive.

Creating Your Own Fall Bucket List

Of course, this list is just an example of the different things you can add to your bucket list. Your list can have all of these items, some of them, or even none of them. What matters most is that your list serves you.

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  1. 9.5.18

    Looks like an absolute great list to me! Fall is the best time of the year, for sure. The only things I have still yet to do in this life are go apple picking (not much of a thing here in Arkansas) and go to a wine vineyard.

  2. 9.5.18
    Sarah said:

    Going to the pumpkin patch is the top of my to do list with my kiddos. We didn’t go last year.