10 Must-Have Essentials For A Cozy Weekend At Home

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When I look outside, I see that the sky is gray and the rain is gently falling. Currently, it’s 45 degrees. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, these are the perfect conditions for a cozy weekend at home. To make the most of the weekend inside, I reach for my favorite essentials for a cozy weekend. Comfy clothes, a good book, and all of the candles are just a few of the essentials I always have on hand. Continue reading for the entire list.

Cozy Weekend Essentials

1. Comfy lounge clothes

Pajamas and loungewear are perfectly acceptable attire during a cozy weekend at home. If they are extra cute on top of being comfy, that’s a nice bonus!

2. A scented candle

Use scent to set the mood in your space. Transport yourself to a different time or place with one of these candles.

3. A good book

A real book is always the best, but reading a book on the Kindle or iPad will do in a pinch.

4. A soft throw blanket

It can’t be a cozy weekend inside without a soft throw blanket to keep you warm while you read.

5. A pretty mug for a warm drink

Keep warm during your cozy weekend at home by drinking a nice cup of tea in a pretty cup.

6. Thick knit socks

Keep your feet warm with a cute pair of knit socks. Make those socks work overtime but applying lotion to your feet before you put them on.

7. Slipper shoes

During your cozy weekend at home, keep a pair of slipper shoes handy. Put them on before stepping outside to get a fresh breath of air or to pick up the morning paper.

8. A luxurious robe

Nothing feels better after a relaxing bath or shower, than a luxurious robe. Treat yourself to one in your favorite fabric.

9. Face mask

Stating home means you can wear a different kind of face mask! Pick one to treat whatever skincare issues you are having or try one of our favorites.

10. Bath salts, soaks, or scrubs

If your cozy weekend at home is anything like mine, it includes a long hot bath. I like to make mine extra nice by adding in bath oils or bath salts that both smell nice and nourish the skin.

After gathering your essentials for a cozy weekend

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