Best Products for Effortless Hair

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If you want beautiful, effortless hair, you are in the right place. We all want to have great hair but we don’t always have the time (or talent) to style it. But with the right products, you don’t need much time or skill to have good looking hair.

effortless hair

Effortless Hair Essentials List

Bachca Paris Detangle & Smooth Hair Brush | Everyone that loves luxury always talks about the Mason Pearson brushes, but this Bachca brush is even better and is a fraction of the price. The mixture of boar bristle and nylon will leave your soft and shiny.

Verb Sea Shampoo | If you have an oily scalp and thin hair, you will want to pick up this cleansing shampoo. It will leave your hair clean, without residue, and with volume. I love this shampoo for summer days when I airdry my hair.

Oribe Shampoo For Beautiful Color | This is an indulgence for sure, but if you pay to have your hair colored, you’ll want to splurge on this shampoo. It is gentle. smells amazing, and won’t ruin your color. For a drugstore color protecting shampoo, try Aveeno Blackberry Quinoa Protein Blend Shampoo.

Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray | There is nothing more effortless than a leave-in conditioning spray. This one from Living Proof will detangle and protect without weighing down your hair.

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask | During the winter, keep your hair manageable with a hair mask. This deep conditioning mask will leave your hair soft, smooth and less prone to breakage.

Aquis Hair Towel | Do yourself a favor and buy a towel just for drying your hair. This one is super absorbent and will cut your drying time dramatically. Get the Aquis, don’t be tempted by the cheaper hair turbans. They start to smell like mildew (gross) really quickly.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer | If you don’t have this yet, what are you waiting for? This tool has been a game-changer. You don’t have to be coordinated or even good at hair to get a salon-quality blowout at home.

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver | Curling your hair with a wand or an iron can take more time than most people have in the morning. Instead of carefully curling sections of hair, get waves fast with this deep waver.

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