Easy Entertaining for the Big Game

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Are you ready for the Big Game? I couldn’t tell you what the nose guard does or even the number of players on the field, that is my husband’s job. However, I do know how to make party plans a breeze with easy, fuss free food and snack options. You won’t find messy foods or anything in a crock pot at my party, but I promise your guests will be pleased.

fuss free food

Must Have Fuss Free Food For The Big Game

Jersey Mikes Catering

I love how perfect Jersey Mike’s catering is for the Big Game. They have tons of options including a catering box. It comes with four giant subs cut and wrapped in individual size servings. You can get the four subs made however you like, which is great for picky eaters (like children or husbands) or guests with special diets. They even have vegetarian and gluten-free options.

jersey mike's catering


I am pretty sure chips are required food at any party. We just love these bold and crunchy popchips ridges. They are a great tasting, better for you option. Plus they won’t leave your hands feeling greasy. You can buy popchips at your grocery store or at amazon.com/popchips if you like to order online. We love the Cheddar & Sour Cream Ridges but there are 10 different varies available. That means you are sure to satisfy everybody!

Old Wisconsin Bites

I really did not want to share these Old Wisconsin Turkey Biteswith my party guests. I love to keep these yummy little bites on hand for a quick snack, since they are lean and packed with protein. But since I was playing host, I decided to be nice and let everyone have a few. While I have been buying the Turkey Bites for awhile, I didn’t know they had Honey Brown Sugar Turkey Bites. I like that they are the perfect mix of sweet and smokey.

old wisconsin turkey bites

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easy entertaining big game

Are you hosting a Big Game Party? If so you know having good food is a must. Be sure to grab these easy, fuss free foods that are sure to please your guests!

PS. Trust me on this. Your guests will love it. I know because we had no food left!


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