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If you’re a blogger, you need Instagram. Own a business? You need Instagram. Want to get free stuff to review… you need Instagram. If you didn’t already know, you need to be on Instagram.

I get asked everyday to share how I grew my Instagram account to 25k. So I decided to share a few basic Instagram growth tips.

Of course just creating an Instagram account doesn’t mean you are going to get followers or engagement. To get both of those things, you are going to need to put in some work.

Basic Instagram Growth and Engagement Tips

  • No blurry pictures. Honestly you guys just don’t post blurry images. Not even that cute one of your cat. 
  • Don’t post too many similar pictures in a row. So please, don’t post 10  pictures in a row of your kid doing nothing. Same for your cat.
  • Don’t only push your product. If you sell something find creative ways to incorporate what you sell into your post. 100 pictures of vitamins just isn’t going to work for getting likes, followers, or sales.
  • Post regularly but not too often. No more than three times a day. You don’t want to spam the people that follow you. Additionally, you need to give your post some time to generate likes. So wait a minimum of 4 hours before you post that second or third picture.
  • Have a description/caption. Don’t leave people guessing what you are trying to say. Also, well written captions will get you more likes and comment.
  • Use all the hashtags that are RELEVANT. Having a good hashtag strategy is so important to growth right now. You should identify around 60 hashtags that work with the type of content that you create. Please don’t pick an irrelevant hashtag because it is popular. Instagram does’t like it and we don’t like making Instagram mad.
  • Like other posts in your niche.Engage with people that post similar content and they might return the like, or even follow.
  • Comment on posts in your niche. Pretty much the same as above Goof thoughtful comments can often lead to a follow. Please no lame auto comments. People can see right through it.
  • Reply to comments on your posts. If you are wanting to build a following and community you need to respond to their comments. This will make them think you are nice and they will likely follow you.

Get An Instagram Audit

Once you start incorporating these tips and tricks into your Instagram account management you will see growth. If for some reason you aren’t seeing growth, you might be overlooking some aspects of the basics. It can be hard to look at your own account objectively so missing mistakes is easy to do. Just like proofreading, sometimes it is better to have someone else look over your work. If you are interested, I offer an affordable Instagram Audit.

I am going to be making a series dedicated to Instagram. Keep an eye out for new posts on the tools and props I use for photos and a post on how to style flatlays (Its not as easy as you’d think). Plus I am working on a hashtag library and an Instagram ebook. 



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