How To Create Your Own Happiness Formula

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Since we have already evaluated our happiness level and set some short-term goals. Today we are going to learn about creating our own happiness formula.

Now that you know you want to be happier and you’ve set a goal, you need to figure out an action plan to get you there. What are you going to do to be happier? This is where your happiness formula comes in.

Do you remember that part in Mary Poppins when she gives the kids their medicine? She pours the medicine from the bottle and it comes out in different colors and flavors. Think of your happiness formula like that. It is a unique formula, custom-made for you!

While most of us at any given point can say IF we are happy or not, people generally have a harder time naming WHAT makes them happy. So the first step in making your happiness formula is going to be brainstorming a list of things that make you happy.

With this activity, we want to generate a ton of results. So no judging. If it comes into your mind as making you happy, write it down. Think about the small things like listening to podcasts on your morning commute to the larger things like where you live.

In addition to brainstorming ideas, you can take note of when you are feeling happy. If you’re feeling particularly gleeful while outside on a walk, stop and put it on your A Happier You note on your phone. Or take a picture and post it on Instagram with #a_happier_you

Now that you have a list of things that make you happy, you can make a plan to incorporate more of those things into your life.  Want to be happy on the regular? Try and make a habit or routine that incorporates things that make you happy.

Look at your list of things that make you happy and look at your life. Pick 3-4 things small things that would make your day or week awesome. Be realistic, though. Traveling might make you happy, but is it really something you could do every day? Probably not. Is going on a long walk something you could do every week? Yes.

Here is an example of my happiness formula:

[ Coffee Time = coffee + reading + quiet) ]+Shower – waking up early = Perfect Morning

I am not a morning person. I am a complete night owl and I am okay with that. However, how my morning goes usually dictates how my day goes. So I opt to have a happiness formula that focuses on creating the perfect morning.

Here’s one more example in case you need a bit more inspiration:

(Meditation + Journaling)+ (3 x exercise)- negative thinking= Power Week

Did you see that both of those include taking something out? Happiness doesn’t just mean doing more things that make you happy. It can also include cutting out things that make you unhappy.

For tonight: Start making a list of things that make you happy. Then try to make your own happiness formula. Don’t worry about making the formula perfect. Also, this thing isn’t carved in stone. It can and should change over time.


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  1. 10.3.18

    love this idea of the customized happiness formula 🙂 and enjoyed that parallel to Mary Poppins.. will be making this list tonight for myself

  2. 10.4.18
    Autumn Murray said:

    What a lovely idea! I need to try and schedule and customize a happiness formula. Thank you.

  3. 10.4.18
    Jenn said:

    I really need to think about what makes me happy. That’s sort of concerning.

  4. 10.6.18
    Sarah said:

    What a great idea. I’d have to figure out a good formula for myself.

  5. 2.13.22
    Maurice Loewenthal said:

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