Cozy Winter Night Calming Routine

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I am all about cozy. I was a master of hygge before it was even a thing here in the United States. Give me all the candles, tea, and cozy blankets.

While I am the queen of cozy, I am not the best at falling asleep or staying asleep. I blame this on the browser in mind. You know the one that has 1,000 tabs open. A lot of those tabs can be open to pages that bring anxiety and stress. If you are like me then you need to find a way to close those tabs. Getting enough sleep is essential for your health and wellness.

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So how do you close those tabs and get a good night sleep? That is where this cozy winter night calming routine comes in. I am sharing my version of a calming routine as a way to inspire you to make your own routine.

Cozy Winter Night Calming Routine

Put Down The Phone

I know, I know. Please just trust me. If you want to have a truly calming routine you need to put the phone down. All of the drama on social media will not help you relax. Even if you are scrolling on the most beautiful feed on Instagram, the device itself is emitting light that will make falling asleep harder. So take a IG story or post a ‘gram of your cozy slippers and then put the phone down.

Grab A Nice Cozy Blanket

Physically speaking we sleep better at cooler temperatures, but the mental part is what we are working on here. Go pick your favorite blanket but don’t get snuggled in it yet.

Grab A Book or Journal

Reading is such a great way to relax if you pick the right book. Another great option is to keep a gratitude journal. I’m a big believer in practicing gratitude. If you are a person that experiences any amount of anxiety or stress, I highly recommend a gratitude journal. At the very least put a couple things you are grateful for down at the top of your journal entry. So grab your journal and a pen or a good book.

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Make Yourself A Relaxing Drink

Get out that water kettle, your favorite mug, and your favorite tea. Need a tea recommendation? I personally love the Sleepytime line from Celestial Tea. I’ve been drinking a version of it since as long as I can remember. I’m talking like since I was a teenager. Now they have three different versions, but we will talk about that a little later.

Find Your Spot

Now that you have rounded up your essentials, it is time to find your spot. You probably already know where it is. That spot in your house that is your favorite. Maybe you love the corner chair in your room. My cozy spot is my bed. Wherever it is make sure it isn’t too far from where you will be sleeping. If you sleep in your bedroom on the second floor, I would not suggest a cozy spot in the basement.

Cozy Time

You have made it to the best part. You can sit in your cozy spot with your relaxing routine essentials and enjoy. Sip and smell that beautiful tea, while you snuggle up in your blanket with your book/journal. Once you feel the peace and relaxation, do not linger. Move toward your bed. You want to make sure you lay down while you are still in the relaxed and calm state.

More About The Teas

I really enjoy Celestial Tea and have been drinking it pretty much all of my life. If you are new to tea drinking or even if you are a regular tea drinker, you will find a tea for you. They have so many great flavors. Celestial Tea is super affordable and they are dedicated to sustainability. How awesome is that?

You could pick any of the caffeine free tea offerings they have but I really recommend the Sleeptime blends. Here are the three different blends that I like the most:

  • Sleeptime Extra: Promotes relaxation, caffeine and gluten free, no artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives. *with calming valerian
  • Sleeptime Detox: Promotes natural cleansing, caffeine and gluten free, no artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives. *with aloe, green rooibos and dandelion root
  • Sleepytime Sinus Soother: Promotes respiratory comfort, uplifting menthol aroma and flavor, caffeine and gluten free, no artificial flavors, colors or artificial preservatives. *with soothing tulsi and nettle

You can find these teas on the tea aisle at your local Walmart store. Just in case you are not sure what to look for, I will share a picture down below. Or you can use online grocery pick-up if you want your tea but don’t have time to shop.

sleepytime tea

Now that I have shared my cozy winter night calming routine, I’d love to hear yours. Leave a comment with some of your cozy routine essentials.


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  1. 1.29.19
    Rach said:

    I actually used this tea last night! It really does help calm the mind and prepare for a good night rest!