The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare Products

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Toner, cleanser, double cleanse, serum, essence…. Figuring out which products to apply and in what order can be a little confusing.  I am going to make it easy for you by walking you through step by step on the correct order to apply your skincare products.

I love love love skincare, but I am not an expert. So if you find that you don’t agree with my order, that’s cool. Leave a comment telling me how and why you do it differently.

I am fairly high maintenance with my skincare routine so I have a lot of steps. If you only do three or four steps, awesome. You should still find this useful.

correct order for skincare

Apply Your Skincare Products In This Order


This is pretty obvious but we are going to break it down a bit more. If you do a double cleanse, you want to start with the oil based or milky cleanser (which one you use depends on your preference) cleanser. After the first cleanser, you will follow with a second cleanser to really get the face clean. Not into the double cleanse, then just use your cleanser.

my favorite oil cleanser // milk cleanser // foam cleanser // cream cleanser


I have said on multiple times that you don’t absolutely have to use a toner. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use one occasionally. After patting your face dry, use a cotton round to apply toner to the face.

my favorite toner // my favorite cotton rounds // bougie facial cotton


This is another step that some people consider extra. I actually use an essence regularly. While typically a thinner consistency than a serum, essences can pack a lot of punch because they are filled with active ingredients. The thin water like texture helps it sink into the skin.

super expensive essence // more affordable alternative


After an essence, you will apply your serum. This is thicker than an essence but still contains a large number of active ingredients. You really want to pick a serum that targets specific issues for your skin, since the serum is a workhorse.

my favorite radiance serum // anti-aging serum 

Eye Cream:

I recommend applying eye cream before your overall face moisturizer. I do this to ensure the more potent eye cream sinks in. The skin under the eyes is also more sensitive so you may not want your facial moisturizer under your eyes.

current eye cream // affordable eye cream // night eye cream

*Face Oil*

If you use a heavy moisturizer, you will want to put the oil on first to make sure it absorbs into the skin. If you use a light, water-based moisturizer, you can apply the face oil before or after the moisturizer depending on your preference.

squalane oil // midnight recovery oil

Face Moisturizer:

Moisturizer is next. I prefer a hydrating yet light moisturizer, but you may find that you like something a bit thicker. The moisturizer you pick should align with your skincare needs and your skin type.

my favorite gel-cream moisturizer //  intense hydration

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Get the most from your skincare products by using them in the right order. Read this post to learn which order to apply your products so your skin looks its best.

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