Clinique Redness Solutions | Does It Really Work?

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I have never had great skin. I was that kid that started breaking out in 5th grade. As I have gotten older my skin started to turn red. I have tried countless products and drank more water. All have reduced my redness slightly but not enough. When I heard about Clinique Redness Solutions, I had to give it a try

Clinique Redness Solutions

About The Clinique Redness Solution Kit

I started by doing a lot of research on redness-reducing skin products. Ultimately I decided to try the Clinique set because of the price and number of positive reviews. The set isn’t always available but you can purchase most of the products individually.

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The face wash is super gentle. If you wear makeup I am not sure it would remove it. I almost never wear makeup so this is not a problem for me.

The moisturizer has a thicker texture than most that I have ever used. I was worried that it was going to leave my face greasy, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have been applying it am and pm and have had no problems.

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The primer has a green tint to help correct redness and prime your face for applying makeup. I only wear makeup if I am going to a special event or have an interview, so I am not sure how much use I will get out of this product.

Clinique Redness Solutions Results

Week 1:

After the first week of religiously applying these products twice a day as recommended, I have seen no improvement.

Week 2:

I am starting to really doubt this product works. After two weeks my face does not look any less red than before.

Week 3:

After three weeks, I am finally able to see a real difference in my skin. Not only is my face less red, but it has a better texture.

Week 4:

After a month of using the product, I am sold. I have had a significant reduction in the redness of my skin.


I was very skeptical of it working since I have had no luck in the past. While there has been a great reduction in the redness of my skin, I do have some redness from acne marks and scars. In order to combat the permanent redness from these scars, I need to incorporate more exfoliation, a Vitamin C product, and sunscreen for my face.

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