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Who doesn’t love a good subscription box? But since most of us are not made from money, we can’t subscribe to all of them. So which box is the best? Well, it isn’t that simple. I am going to share what I received in both of the boxes, do a cost analysis, give my thoughts on both boxes, and then ultimately let you decide between Alltrue and FabFitFun.

PS. Alltrue was previously called Causebox.

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Spring Alltrue

If you want to read all the 411 on Alltrue, I would suggest going to their website. But I will give you the gist.

Alltrue is a seasonal subscription box. Each box contains 6-8 hand curated products from socially conscious brands. They may contain jewelry, housewares, wellness products, accessories, apparel, beauty products, or exclusive artwork. Boxes cost $54.95 when purchased quarterly and you can save a bit if you sign up for an annual subscription.

So what was in the box?

Spring Causebox

Glass Ladder & Co, The Megan (not pictured, $120)

Personally, I usually steer clear of vegan leather. Most of the time it feels cheap and like plastic. If you have the same thoughts about vegan leather, you can get them out of your head. This clutch is nice. It looks and feels luxe. The quality is top notch. This product alone makes the box worth it in terms of value, at least to me.

Marina De Buchi Luxe Charm Bracelet $37

This bracelet is gold-plated and very cute. It has little stars and a moon. If you check out the site, there are so many cute options. I like the bracelet with the little bird. Not only is the jewelry pretty, a portion of sales go to help fight human trafficking.

Cleobella Silky Scarf $52

Scarves are having a moment right now. You can put them in your hair, around your waist, on a bag… This one feels really nice and the patterns are lovely too. I like the floral print and color of the one I received. I would have been happy with the yellow/gold polka dot one too.

Kálos Elixir Toning Mist $22

This toning mix is a mix of rosewater, vitamin C, lavender, and witch hazel. All of these ingredients are great for the skin, plus it smells wonderful too.

Ettitude Bamboo Sleep Mask $15

This sleep mask is made from 100% organic bamboo lyocell. It is pretty soft and comfy on the eyes. The sleep mask fabric is hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and breathable.

Cosmedix Glow Bamboo Brightening Mask $54

This mask is marketed as a two for one type deal because it is a mask and a scrub. It uses bamboo stem to exfoliate, niacinamide to help with tone and texture, and a derivative of vitamin C to brighten the skin.

This mask is very gentle. Even though it has a physical exfoliant, it is gentle enough for sensitive skin. For best results, I’d suggest using this mask twice a week.

Wyld Skincare French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge $15

I had been wanting to try a konjac sponge since I heard Sarah Therese talk about them on her YouTube channel. This sponge is a vegan, plant-based, and biodegradable facial exfoliation tool.

After using the Wyld sponge, I absolutely love it. One tip is to make sure the sponge is completely saturated. Otherwise the sponge would be too rough to use on the skin.

Altru Macrame Plant Hanger $15

This is a macrame plant or pot hanger. While not at all my style, I do like that proceeds from the purchase of this plant hanger go to planting trees in California.

Alja Horvat Art Print $10

This is really just a postcard. It is rather lovely, but I wouldn’t call it an art print. Call a spade a spade. This is a postcard.

Overall Thoughts On The Spring Box

This box is an incredible value. A seasonal subscription is currently $54.95 but the value of all the items combined is $340! Yes, you read that right. Even if you were not crazy about all of the items in the box, that is still a pretty good deal.

After having the box for a bit and trying things out, I found that I really enjoyed a number of the items. My favorites were the vegan clutch, brightening mask, and Wyld sponge. Ultimately the macrame plant holder went into the donation box and the postcard is just mixed in with paperwork on my desk. The rest of the items were nice but not must-haves.

Spring FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box. Each box contains around 8-10 items from a variety of categories like apparel, beauty, housewares, accessories, and health (among others). Boxes cost $49.99 but you can save by purchasing an annual membership.

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the box and the contents. However, since FabFitFun does tons of marketing, I am guessing you have seen what the Spring 2019 box looked like.

Manna Kadar Champagne Charcoal Scrub $24
Since the self-tanning season is here, you need a good scrub. This scrub has a very fine texture and a thin consistency. The scrub does not have a strong scent but does have some fruity notes. Ultimately I wasn’t really a fan of the scrub. I prefer something with a bit more texture and a thicker consistency.

OUAI Leave In Conditioner $26

This is a full size of the new formula. When it comes to OUAI products, they have a very strong and distinct scent. If you are not into it, you likely won’t like the product as the scent lingers for hours after use. However, if you have dry hair and don’t mind the scent, this might be a good product for you. I found that it was very easy to accidentally use too much, making my hair greasy and heavy. I personally, don’t like the OUAI signature scent, so it is a no go for me.

dr. brandt skincare needles no more NO MORE BAGGAGE  eye de-puffing gel $42

The mile-long name pretty much tells you what this product is supposed to do. It is a thick gel/cream that shrinks the bags under your eyes. For me, the product does work. However, after using the product for several days, I developed dry crusty patches under my eyes. I remedied this by applying the dr. brandt letting it sit a few minutes and then applying a moisturizing eye cream on top.

Show Me Your Mumu Robe $84

One of the perks of FabFitFun is being able to make selections. I signed up to receive the box after selections had closed so I didn’t get to pick any of the items in my box. Thankfully, I received the item I wanted. The other options were a small fashion backpack and a diffuser.

This robe is 100% polyester and is made to fit up to a size 16. I would say you would be okay up to a size 20 depending on your body shape. While I don’t have much need for this type of robe, it is pretty and it feels great. Despite how pretty it is, I don’t find it worth the $84 price tag.

Sunnylife Lovers Picnic Set $30

There were three other potential items that could be in the box. Two different pairs of sunglasses by Quay and the Korres Sleeping Facial. I wanted the Korres and would have settled for the sunglasses. If you watched my unboxing on Instagram, you probably saw that I was some kind of way when I pulled out this picnic set.

The picnic set contains two plates and two sets of utensils. It does come in a convenient little case. However, you could find something similar for much cheaper.

Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion $19

The next selection was between this lotion, and undisclosed mystery item, and measuring spoons. I don’t know what any of the mystery items are. I’m guessing items left over from previous boxes? If you have received a mystery item, leave a comment sharing what you were sent.

This lotion is really nice so I am glad it was in the box. I like that it is moisturizing but not overly greasy. I didn’t find the scent to be that strong. It smells a bit like citrus but not as strong as I would have thought for something advertised as a mandarin, orange, and bergamot.

Tula Purifying Face Cleanser $28

This next selection is only for annual members. FabFitFun picks the item for you if you have the seasonal subscription. Options included the Tula item I received, a jump rope, and a dry brush.

I had been wanting to try Tula for a bit. Tons of my other blogger friends have worked with them on collaborations. I was pretty impressed with the face wash. It will be great for the summer when my face is oilier. After seeing some people get the dry brush, I actually purchased a similar one for myself.

S’ip By Swell $20

Lastly, annual subscribers are able to pick the Athens Necklace, Ciaté London Extraordinary Translucent Setting Powder, or S’ip by S’well. Again, if you aren’t an annual subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you.

I received the bottle but honestly, I wasn’t thrilled with any of the options. The bottle is nice and it does keep things cold. My problem is that the opening is too small for ice, which is a deal breaker for me.

Thoughts On The Spring FabFitFun Box

Let’s talk about value first. A seasonal box costs $49.99 and if you are a first-time subscriber you can usually get your first box for $39.99. The value in my particular box was $273. If I’m being honest, I don’t feel this box is really worth that much because it contained a number of overpriced items. That being said, just looking at the numbers this is still a good value, pending you like at least a couple of the items.

After having the box for a bit and trying things out, I found that I really didn’t like most of the box. My favorites were the face cleanser, the body lotion, and the robe. The picnic set and leave-in conditioner were set aside to be rehomed. The rest of the items were just okay but not must-haves.

Summer Alltrue

Summer Causebox

Banded Scrunchie 3-Pack $10

Scrunchies are having a moment right now. While the colors are not for me, neon colors are also very popular right now. These could be great for working out or for those that really want to rock a retro look. I do love that proceeds from the sale of scrunchies go to providing meals for those in need.

Since hair things disappear faster than socks, I will use these scrunchies even though I am not a fan of the bright colors. I’ll be throwing one in my gym bag and probably keep another in my car.

Tribe Alive Caftan Coverup $118

I really loved the idea of the Caftan. It comes in three different colors and can be worn in various ways. The caftan is also fairly size inclusive. I would say it would fit someone up to a size 4X. If you are on the petite size, you will want to find a way to tie it so it won’t be too big.

Hanalei Powder Face Cleanser $20

While I do love products that have natural ingredients I am not excited about this cleanser. I haven’t had the best luck with papaya enzyme cleansers since my skin is sensitive. Plus, I am also not into powder cleansers because the process is messy and takes more time. Ultimately, I don’t want to open it to try since I plan to gift this to a friend.

Quagga Green Wet Swim Pouch $25

After a visit to the beach or taking the kids to swim lessons, you don’t want to throw wet swimsuits into your bag. Normally, I would just throw the wet swimsuits into a grocery bag and call it a day. Now that I have this, I’ll use it but it isn’t something I would purchase myself.

All Good Reef Friendly Sport Sunscreen $16

I wish I would have received this before I purchased our sunscreen for the summer. I like that it is a reef-friendly sport sunscreen. That makes it good for me and good for the sea. That’s a win-win. I plan on keeping this in my bag so I always have sunscreen with me.

Reduce Everyday Insulated Tumbler $13

I really love this white tumbler. I was planning on buying a way more expensive tumbler so it was nice to get one in this box. This will be nice for sitting out on the deck in the evenings.

Altru Straw Tote $50

I had been wanting one of these straw totes for a couple of years now. However the size and quality of this bag are lacking. It is small and the bag lacks structure and stability. I am pretty picky about the bags I keep these days so I don’t think I will be keeping this one.

Antra Svarcs Art Print $10

In every box they send an art print/postcard. I just wish I had some way to actual use it.

Overall Thoughts On The Summer Box

Unfortunately, after really looking at the box content, it was kind of just okay for me. Honestly, I don’t see myself wearing the caftan, sunscreen is okay, the tumbler was nice, and I will get some use out of the swim pouch. If I were new to Alltrue the contents of this one wouldn’t make me want to sign up.

A seasonal subscription is currently $54.95 and the value of all the items combined is $277. However, I only ended up liking three of the products for a total of $54. In terms of value, I’ll call this one a wash.

Summer FabFitFun

Summer FabFitFun

Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask $39

A brightening face mask? Yes, please. At first glance, this mask reminds me of the Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask. When looking at the ingredients there are a good number of similarities, but not enough to call it a dupe.

Grace & Stella Rose Facial Spray $26

Yet another rose facial spray, I think I get one of these in the mail every month. I don’t plan on even trying this. I’m going to leave it in the box and pass it on to a friend.

Whish Exfoliating Foot Mask $32

I love products that help keep my feet soft and smooth during sandal season. This one was a bit different than I expected. Instead of a lotion or cream, this product is liquid/gel. PRO TIP: Be careful when you squeeze the product out so it doesn’t go everywhere.

Invisibobble Original Duo Pack $16

I was so excited to see these in the box. I love these things but they are kinda expensive so I don’t buy them myself. These will get used for sure.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream $20 & Brazilian 4 Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel $25

One of the perks of FabFitFun is being able to make selections. Last time I didn’t get to pick since I signed up for the box late. This time I made sure to set an alarm for when customization opened up. For this customization, the other options include a travel hairdryer, a lotus-shaped towel, and a kimono.

I love trying different bath/shower products but I try not to spend a ton of money on them. This was a great way to try a more expensive shower gel without shelling out the full price for it.

Summer & Rose Navy Diamond Tote $50

There were three other options for this customization: rose gold face masks, west elm indigo nesting bowls, and a letterboard. I had no interest in the others since I already have a ton of sheet masks and a letterboard. I don’t decorate with color, so the West Elm bowls weren’t considered either.

Last year, I wanted a tote just like this but didn’t want to spend the cash on something that I would use for a small part of the year. I do wish the straps were a bit longer and that the bag was a bit bigger.

Jennifer Zeuner Star Double Necklace $50

For customization three, the options were the necklace, resistance bands, and silicone wine glass. I couldn’t see myself using silicone wine glass and we already have a ton of resistance bands in our gym/workout equipment collection.

I love dainty jewelry so this is totally my style but wish the gold color was more soft yellow and less orange-toned.

Grown Alchemist Hand Lotion $22

This next selection is only for annual members. FabFitFun picks the item for you if you have the seasonal subscription. Options included a mystery item (which is what I received), Eyeko Eyeliner, or Living Proof Styling Cream.

I’m a fan of Grown Alchemist so I was excited to see it in the box. The scent is very light which is a win for me. I also love that it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

Coola Makeup Sunscreen Setting Spray $36

Lastly, annual subscribers are able to pick between the Coola Setting Spray, Doctor Rodgers Healing Balm, or Intelligent Nutrients Micro Polish. Again, if you aren’t an annual subscriber, FabFitFun will pick for you.

I love the idea of the Coola Setting Spray however I don’t think it will be something I use regularly. The spray does not come out evenly on the face and the product has a very strong smell.

Thoughts On The Summer FabFitFun Box

The summer box that I received has a retail value of $316. If you love the items in your box, then it is a steal. However, I found that I liked some but not all of the items in the box. I really enjoyed the Grown Alchemist hand cream, Invisibobble hair things, and the Whish foot mask for a real box value of $70. The box costs $49.99 so we will call this one a win.

Which box is better?

If you were looking for a clear answer on which box is better, you are going to be disappointed. I don’t think one box is better than the other because they are pretty different. Alltrue isn’t so much about value but more about helping you discover socially conscious brands. FabFitFun is more about getting to try lots of different products for a good price.

I’m torn because I love to support small businesses and socially conscious brands. But I also test and recommend products for my job here at Feisty Life Media making FabFitFun a good match. I’m going to stay subscribed to both boxes for now. But should that change I will let you know.

If you are on the fence about subscribing, let’s talk about two things to help you decide.

First, if you are super picky, I would suggest FabFitFun. One of the best features of FFF is that you get some choices at the seasonal subscription level. If you are an annual subscriber you can now pick every option in your box. With Alltrue, you get to pick your items if you pay for an entire year at once.

If you like things that are unique, Alltrue is the best option for you. Before subscribing, I had not heard of most of the products and brands featured in the seasonal boxes. On the other hand, FabFitFun is known for offering popular products from mainstream brands.

Hopefully, this post has helped you decide if you want to subscribe to either or both of these boxes. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


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