5 Things You Need To Build Your Own Hygge Kit

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‘Hygge’ is a Danish concept that embodies all things cozy.  It’s about slowing down and enjoying the moment. It isn’t a time to be rushed and it shouldn’t be seen as a checklist item.  A hyggelig moment doesn’t require much. Having a go to kit will have you relaxing and cozy with no need for additional trips to the store.

Build Your Own Hygge Kit

I have a small tray for my hygge kit but you could keep your kit in a box, drawer, or shelf. Just find something that will work for you.  Just as you can put your kit in anything, it doesn’t have to be limited to the 5 things mentioned in this post.

1. Candle

If there is one item that seems to be a requirement for all hygge kits, it’s a candle. For me, the glow, the warmth, and the smell of the candle make it a must-have item for me

2. Cozy Socks

During the cold winter months, the house can be a bit drafty. Instead of cranking up the heat, I bundle up. I love to pick out cute, comfy socks to wear during the winter months.

3. Blankets

While my feet are nice and warm from the socks, a soft throw blanket is necessary to keep the rest of me warm.

4. Lotion

The cold winter weather dries out the skin. Not only does the lotion help your skin, applying it can be very relaxing.

5. Chocolate

Chocolate is a happy food. Happiness is essential for hygge.

I already had several of these items on hand so I only needed to buy a couple of things to put my kit together. Because I didn’t want to go to multiple stores, I decided to stop by Walmart to pick up the rest of my kit components.

Build Your Own Hygge Kit

The first thing I do is go pick out my lotion. I knew that I wanted a lotion to help keep my skin soft. I also have eczema so I am really particular about the type of lotion I use. I was excited to see the Lubriderm on the end cap.  I love the simplicity of this lotion. It works well and with the savings it is a great price.

After picking up two bottles of Lubriderm, I make my way over to the candy aisle and pick up a nice box of chocolates to add to my hygge kit.

After the boys go to the bed, I rounded up all of my items for my hygge kit. I pulled out a throw blanket from storage, picked out a pair of soft socks,  found my absolute favorite candle, and took a small tray out of my office. I made sure my bottle of lotion and my box of chocolates fit in the tray. I’ll be keeping my tray and my blanket in my bedroom, which is the only room that at least a bit cozy.

Now that I have built my kit, I am at least prepared to have a hyggelig moment. I am super excited to use my kit and to learn more about the Danish concept of hygge.

Have you heard about hygge? What would you include in your own kit?


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