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Fall is all about renewal for me, so this month’s beauty finds are all renewing. Below you will find products to renew your hair, revive tired eyes, and rejuvenate your skin. To stick with this month’s theme, I also stuck to a budget. The most expensive purchase for the month was $10.99 and most were around $5.

SOO AE Brightening Mask

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This mask was a steal, I got it for $3! This mask was very large and had a lot of solution. It left my skin glowing for three days! I looked absolutely radiant and didn’t wear any makeup.
Other brightening masks include this Sephora Collection Pearl Mask and this Karuna mask. I have used both of these and recommend them to those that can’t find the SOO AE masks.

Sephora Collection Algae Eye Mask

I have serious mom eyes, dark circles and tons of baggage. When I want to look not so tired, I use eye masks to look a bit more alive. I was surprised when I opened this to find that the eye mask shape was rather large and very wet with solution. A lot of eye mask are not very big and are pretty dry. This one was really great for moisturizing and firming the eye area. I also really love the Karuna Eye Mask, but it is substantially more expensive.

Sephora Collection Pearl Sleeping Mask

I had a really great experience with the Sephora Collection Pearl Mask and decided to try the sleeping mask. The sleeping mask is only $4 and it lasted me an entire week. It left my skin soft and luminous. It even reduced my redness. I’m thinking about potentially switching to this from the sleep jelly I normally use, but I’d have to buy a ton of little pods. I also tried the Algae mask but it is meant to purify and decongest which is great but not what I needed.

John Frieda Color Gloss

If you follow me on Snapchat, I snapped about at home hair color.  To be completely honest, I’d never do at home hair color again, at least nothing besides a 28 day wash out. The box color leaves a lot to be desired.

To help keep my hair cool brunette longer, I have enlisted some help.  I did purchase a color conserve shampoo from Target but I honestly couldn’t recommend it so I had to go back to my normal shampoo.  I typically buy a special shampoo for dark hair from Aveda and color conserving conditioner.

This color gloss is applied weekly after shampoo and conditioner. After removing as much water from my hair as possible, I applied a quarter size amount of the gloss to part of my hair. I repeated this process three more times. The gloss is left on for three minutes and then rinsed off.

I loved how shiny this made my hair. I don’t know how well it will keep my color but I will update this after using it for a month.

Joico K-Pak Reconstructor Travel Size 

I have not been taking good care of my hair for the past two years and it shows. I used to wear my hair down all of the time but now it is in a permanent mom bun. Between pulling my hair back while wet for the past two years and coloring it since I was in my twenties, my hair is destroyed. For me this is heartbreaking because my hair was one of my best features.

I’ve been looking to repair the damage but getting regular trims and using hair masks. I received a Living Proof Overnight Protector from Birchbox which I liked, but I didn’t want to commit to buying a full size bottle before trying something cheaper.

I looked at a ton of masks and read a lot of ingredients. I picked the Joico mask to try because of the price and smell. I apply it, put on a terrycloth lined shower cap, and wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I then rinse but don’t shampoo. My hair came up feeling super soft.

I may purchase this again but I would like to try a hair mask with more natural ingredients to see if I get better results. I’d also like to try the Oribe Gold Lust but it is not a budget item.


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