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In my yearly goal post, I set some very broad goals.  For example, one of my goals was to determine what healthy meant to me and another was to work on improving my skin. Anyway… Personally, I am not very good at making a lot of big changes at once. I need to make several small changes over time. Since I am likely not the only person that needs to approach lifestyle changes this way, I decided to make a monthly series so you can be a better you too!

I know that technically I should have shared this month’s post a bit earlier, say like at the beginning of the month….. However, I can still share what I worked toward in January as well as plan out the February a better you challenge.

January Drink More Challenge

After having kids, I seriously struggled with drinking enough water. I know that might sound a little weird. My kids are into everything, which means having a glass of water on my desk or even at the table at dinner time is risky. A blink of an eye, and water is everywhere.

So maybe kids aren’t keeping you from drinking enough water… then what is? I think most people just forget. It is easy to get caught up in what you are doing and not take a break for a sip of water.

But we can’t keep putting off drinking water…

Studies have shown that drinking water helps with weight loss and flushes out toxins. If you want to lose weight, drinking more water is so important. Also water is really great for your skin. If you want clear and beautiful skin you need to drink plenty of water.

I want/ need to lose weight. Plus, I really need to do anything that will help my terrible skin.

So how did I do for January? Pretty darn good if I may say so!

Every morning, I would fill my really awesome (seriously the ice will last in this all day without melting) water bottle with ice and water. Then I made sure I drank enough to refill it 4 times. At first, I was having to force myself to drink the water through out the day. I actually set a timer so I would drink some water every hour. Now, I don’t have to set a timer. It just comes naturally. I still have to watch my children like a hawk or my water bottle will become a flying metal projectile.

After just a month of drinking water, my skin is a bit more clear. I have more energy and fewer headaches.

Now that I have crushed the January challenge, it is time to look toward February.

February Get More Sleep

As a mother of two toddlers, a wife to husband that is always busy, and a business owner…. I never get enough sleep. I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep too. Typically, I start getting ready for bed around 1:30/2am with a wake time around 7am.  A combination of factors leads me to typically getting around four to five hours of sleep a night during the week. When my husband is home, I will sleep in and get a full 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep is so important. It helps you fight off illness and it linked to lowering the risk of heart disease. Plus when you get enough sleep you are less likely to be a grouch (that’s a big problem for me)

How am I going to go about getting more sleep? Since I can’t put more hours in the day, it means I am going to need to either be more productive or do less. Right now, I have plans to be a bit more productive during the times I am working and to prioritize my daily tasks so I can do less. Fingers crossed that I figure out how to do both of these!

Which method do you think will work best for you? Do you think you can remove some things from your plate? Or do you have to do it all in less time? 

Each month there will be a new post recapping my progress and a new challenge for a better you.

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