Best Belif Skincare Products

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Have you heard of belif? It is one of my favorite Korean skincare brands. I love that they use tons of natural ingredients like oat seed and rose. If you are interested in trying a new skincare brand, you should look into belif.  If you don’t know which products to try, don’t worry. That’s what this post is for. I am going to share which products are the best belif skincare products. I’ll let you know which are my favorite plus I let you know which products you might want to buy for your specific skin issue.

This belif skincare review post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase, I will make a small commission. Don’t worry, there is no added cost to you.

best of belif skincare

Belif Products Tested

Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist

This is a vitamin-c based creamy cleanser. It contains soapberry to cleanse the skin and sweet flag to soften. While it says the Creamy Cleansing Foam Moist is best for normal to dry skin, it also works on combination skin. Overall, this cleanser worked well but it isn’t a must purchase item.

Bergamot Herbal Toner

Toners usually have a thin watery consistency but the Bergamot Herbal Toner is unique. It has a thicker almost gel-like consistency. The toner isn’t bad, but I would rather save my money to purchase other products from the brand.

The True Cream Aqua Bomb

This is one of my favorite belif products. It is an ultra-light gel-cream moisturizer. This moisturizer helps to minimize the appearance of pores and helps improve skin elasticity. This moisturizer is best suited for oily, combination, and normal skin.

The True Cream Moisturizing Bomb

Unlike the Aqua Bomb, this moisturizer has a creamy texture and not a gel texture. It is more hydrating and better suited for normal to dry skin. For combination skin, this can be applied to skin that is dry. For oilier skin, this moisturizer is likely too rich.

Hungarian Water Essence

This lightweight watery treatment adds instant hydration to the skin. If your skin is on the oiler side, you can use this essence instead of moisturizer. It can also be paired with a moisturizer. I like to pair it with the Aqua Bomb on days that my skin feels a bit drier than usual.

Moisturizing Eye Bomb

If you need an intensely hydrating eye cream this is for you. The hydrating creme contains tiger grass to soothe the skin and comfrey leaf to smooth. Because I have oily lids, this is another product that I will not be repurchasing. I prefer the firming eye cream, which is no longer available. This eye cream is best suited for those with dry or dehydrated skin around the eye area. For those with oilier skin, this eye cream might slide or melt off the face.

Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask

Sleeping masks are not just for those with very dry skin like they used to be. The texture of this mask is very unique. It’s almost like a jelly but not. This is hands-down my favorite belif skincare product. Sadly, I dropped mine and it landed opening side down. I nearly cried over the loss of such an amazing product. This sleeping mask can be used by people with all skin types. Another plus is that it takes very little products. Make sure not to apply too much at once and give the product a minute to sink in.

Overnight Brightening Mask

Want to feel a bit luxurious? This overnight mask is made with pearl, amber, gold powder, and black truffle. For those with dull skin or acne scars, this is a must have product. If your skin is sensitive, like mine, use 3-4 times a week while alternating with another sleep mask. I use this brightening mask 3 days a week and the aqua bomb 4 times a week to have brighter and softer skin.

The True Tincture Mask

Tincture is the perfect word to describe this face mask. It is packed with tons of great ingredients like chamomile, rosemary, and licorice. While it says this mask is intended for those with normal, dry, and sensitive skin, all skin types can use this tincture mask.

Best Belif Skincare Products

So what belif products are my absolute top picks? If I could only buy three, I would purchase these items:  Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask, Overnight Brightening Mask, and The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Belif Skincare Products That I Want To Try

As you know, I’ve tested a lot of belif products. Of course, there are more I would love to try. My belif wish list items: 360 Eye Care Mask, Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream, Eucalyptus Herbal Extract Toner

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