Is Beauty Pie Really A Good Deal?

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If you’ve been scrolling on Instagram or if you are a beauty Reddit lurker, you’ve probably heard of Beauty Pie. I’m guessing if you’re here, you probably googled to find out more info. Or maybe you saw my pin on Pinterest. No matter how you arrived here, I am going to fill you in on everything Beauty Pie.

Beauty Pie Reviews

What Is Beauty Pie & How Does It Work?

Founded by Marcia Kilgore, this online-only brand cuts out all the extras that make your skincare and make-up so expensive. The catch? Only Beauty Pie members can gain access to these prices.

When you sign up, you can select from two membership types.

  1. BEAUTY PIE® PLUS $59/year (You can shop for products worth up to $3600/year. Your allowance resets every year when your membership renews.)

Beauty Pie monthly membership fees vary based on tier. Each membership tier has corresponding monthly spending based on typical retail prices. You can shop up to your spending limit, but you only pay the member price.

You can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan after the first 3 months. If you buy less than your spending limit, it gets rolled over to the following month.

Why do they charge a membership fee at all? Because they have to pay the bills. With such low prices for members, they don’t make money from the products. The monthly membership fees allow them to pay their employees and make a profit.

Beauty Pie Products Worth The Purchase

Beauty Pie Retinol Hand Cream

Super Retinol Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

I remember Grace Atwood raving about this retinol hand cream on her blog, so I had to try it. Honestly, it really does live up to the hype. I’ve already ordered another for me and a tube for my mom.

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Baby Foot Peel Alternative

Dr Glycolic™ Soft Feet 7-Day Peel Socks

If you want smooth feet, you need to buy these peel socks. The famous Baby Foot socks cost $25 a pair, but these from Beauty Pie are a fraction of the price.

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Fruitizyme™ Five Minute Facial

Fruitizyme™ Five Minute Facial

Slough off all your dead skin with this facial. Packed with powerful enzymes, this reminds me of a mix between the DE Babyfacial and the Pixi Peel & Polish. Thankfully this is priced cheaper than both.

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Beauty Pie Lip Oil

Wondergloss Collagen Lip Oil +

I’m not a lipstick person, but I will take all of the lip oil and lip gloss. This Collagen Lip Oil from Beauty Pie is no exception. It comes in 6 pretty colors so everyone can find their perfect shade.

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Luxe Shine Lipstick

Futurelipstick™ Luxe Shine

This Luxe Shine lip is a real gem. It reminds me a lot of my all-time favorite lip product from YSL. While not exactly the same as the luxury lip, I can buy 3 shades of the Beauty Pie for the same price.

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Skip On These Beauty Pie Products

While there were a few really great finds, there were duds also.

I tried the highly rated Jeju Daily Am/Pm Multi-Phase Purifying Cleansing Milk but found that it just wasn’t worth the hype. At over $ 12 for a bottle, there are plenty of drugstore options that are better and cheaper.

In addition to makeup and skincare, they also offer a handful of haircare products. For testing purposes, I purchased the Super Healthy Hair™ Detox Wash Shampoo. It did a good job at removing buildup, but it also left the hair very dry.

Beauty Pie Pricing

Every product on their site is listed with a typical price and a member price. The typical price is how much you would pay for the product if you did not have a membership. These prices also represent what a similar product from a high-end company would cost you.

For the most part, Beauty Pie products are not worth the “Typical Price.” For example, the Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial is nice, but I would never pay $70 for it. The same goes for the lip oil and the lipstick. Both are nice but not worth the alleged $30 price point.

When you have a membership, you don’t pay the typical prices. However, the assigned typical price does impact how much you can buy each month. With the $10 a month membership, you can purchase the equivalent of $100. If you purchase the Fruitzyme and the Collagen Lip Oil, you’ve hit your purchase limit at just two products, even though you would only be paying $20.64 at checkout.

If it sounds confusing, you’re right. The typical price system is more complicated than it needs to be.

Now that we’ve gone over the typical price, let’s talk about the member prices(what you will actually pay). For the standout products I mentioned earlier, the membership prices are great. The lip oil and the lipstick are both around $9. The foot peel socks are under $4. When you add in the monthly membership, the prices are still pretty reasonable.

Let’s Talk Shipping

One of the biggest gripes about Beauty Pie is the shipping. When you check out, you have two shipping options. Regular shipping is $8.27 and takes 7-10 days (or so they claim). The only other option is UPS Next Day Air (Next Business Day) for $30.90. There isn’t anything in between.

I’ve made several orders over the last couple of years from Beauty Pie. Every one of them has taken forever to arrive. I do understand that they are shipping from the UK and that takes time. I just want to set the correct expectation in case you decide to make an order.

Will I Keep My Membership?

This isn’t the first time I’ve been a member of Beauty Pie. It probably won’t be my last time either.

One of the nice things about Beauty Pie is that you are only locked into a 3-month membership. After that, canceling is pretty easy.

Typically I’ll sign up for a membership, buy a few things each month, and then cancel after three months. Even though you can bank your spending limit, I won’t fork over $10 for the membership when I’m not planning to make a purchase. That’s $10 I could save or spend on something else.

Updated December 2021: Now that they offer a pretty affordable year-long membership, I will be going that route.

Should You Get A Membership?

Honestly, this answer depends on a couple of factors. If you are a skincare junkie, you will probably enjoy Beauty Pie. If you typically splash out on high-end and luxury items, I would not suggest signing up for a membership. The quality won’t live up to your standards. Beauty Pie Makeup is great if you like neutrals. For those of you that like a lot of bold colors, their makeup is not for you. Last but not least, the complexion products are not available in many shades. If you have a deep skin tone, you might have trouble finding shades that will work for you. I have not tried their body products, fragrances, or candles. So I can’t speak to them.

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