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As a parent, I know firsthand how overwhelming back-to-school season can be for everyone. To make things a bit easier for you, I have rounded up my favorite back to school essentials. You’ll find recommendations for backpacks, lunch boxes, and more.

back to school essentials


When it’s time to pick a backpack, you want to find one your kids will love. But the real challenge is finding one that can last the entire school year. I’ve been incredibly impressed with the backpacks from both Pottery Barn and L.L.Bean. They are an investment but they will last multiple years.


To make shopping easy and to keep things coordinated, I recommend buying the lunchbox that goes with the backpack. I also always opt for a lunchbox that can fit a bento box in case I want to pack one.

Water Bottles

Water bottles may be the hardest thing to buy for school. It is important that it doesn’t leak, holds enough, isn’t too heavy, and can be cleaned easily.


Lunchboxes, backpacks, water bottles. If it goes to school it has to have your child’s name on it. We use stamps for backpacks, lunch boxes, and coats. For water bottles, we use removable bands.

Final Thoughts on Back To School Essentials

The key to a great school year is getting the little things right – like having good quality and personalized supplies. Things like name stamps for clothes and water bottle name bands can really help avoid mix-ups and lost stuff. It makes life easier and more fun for you and your kids.

As the school days get closer, don’t wait till the very end! Start your back-to-school shopping early so your kids have everything they need. Believe me, it’ll save you from last-minute panics and make the start of the school year super smooth.


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