August Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites

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I am not ready for September, like can we push the pause button right now. September is the start of a ton of chaos in our house. My oldest will be starting preschool for the first time ever. Plus my husband will be pretty much unavailable for the next 3 months. With all of the big changes that will be coming our way next month, I really tried to make the most of August.

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Beauty Favorites

The heat of July lasted all through August so I kept my beauty routine minimal. In fact, I went an entire 2 months without wearing foundation. I tried a new high-end mascara which was just okay. But I found a drugstore lip product that I love so much I bought 3 different shades. If you pick up just one shade of the L’Oreal Colour Riche Shine, I’d recommend you buy “Varnished Rosewood.” For skincare, I was testing out 10 different products from belif for a brand review post I will be writing. I’ll go ahead and tell you I am loving their Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask.

For my hair, I have started using a toning shampoo once a week that is keeping my hair from looking brassy. I haven’t had my hair cut and colored in a bit so I’m going to be looking for something to deposit some color or I might decide to get balayage to go a bit lighter.

Lifestyle Favorites

I’ve been having analysis paralysis and haven’t filmed anything with new fancy camera. I’ve been watching tons of content by other creators to kind of get a feel for things. I don’t even know correct filming techniques. I’ve been trying to learn a bit by watching all of Peter McKinnon’s videos. I like his channel because he is entertaining and I learn a lot, but I think I really need to take a class. I have Final Cut Pro but all the classes I can find teach how to edit in Premiere Pro.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of starting a podcast, so I have been listening to more of them. I’m probably going to create a blog post with my favorite podcasts, but right now I am loving the Goal Digger podcast. If you are an entrepreneur, you will want to check it out.

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August Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites

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