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Since I have two toddlers that make shopping impossible, I do pretty much anything to get out of having to bring them to the store. Thankfully, Amazon Prime helps me stay stocked up on all of the things we need from diapers to deodorant. Last year, I was pretty excited about Amazon Prime Day. Unfortunately, I hadn’t done my homework and I wasn’t prepared for the sale. This year is going to be different. But because I love to share the best deals with my besties (that’s you), I am going to help you get ready for Amazon Prime Day.

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amazon prime day

So for those of you that don’t know, Amazon Prime Day starts on July 16 at 12pm PST and will run for 36 hours (July 18). During that time an insane number of items are going to be on sale. Like way to many to even list. Some items that will totally be part of the sale are Amazon items like the Kindle and the Echo Dot.

That all being said, the one sorta downfall is that you have to have Prime. You can sign up anytime during the sale but better yet, you can sign-up for a free trial and still get to shop the sale. Honestly if you aren’t sold on having Prime or maybe the membership is just a bit too expensive, the trial is your best bet.

Another thing about the sale is that you have to be prepared. I am going to outline a few easy steps so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to score some great deals on things you need.

How To Prepare and Shop For Amazon Prime Day

Step 1: Make sure you have Prime status. This is super easy to do. Just click this link-> Amazon Prime

So what exactly do you get with the Amazon Prime membership?  As a member, you’ll enjoy:

  • Free Two-Day Shipping
  • Free Same-Day and Prime Now Delivery in select areas
  • Prime Now delivers thousands of items with 2-hour Delivery
  • Enjoy exclusive brands and early access to deals available only to Prime members

Step 2: Download the Amazon App. I do 98% of my Amazon shopping on my phone. It is super easy to use so just go ahead and download it. Plus you are going to need it to track the deals and get notified when they are live (deals on most products only last a certain amount of time).

Step 3: A week before the sale, take a look at the sneak peek sale items (this is done on the app). Make a list of the items you are interested in. Then turn on alerts so you get notifications of when things go on sale. *** You might think I’m crazy but getting notified is the important part.*** Things will sell out and you might forget that diapers went on sale at 2pm. True story people.

Step 4: Ready, set, shop! Make sure to stock up on necessities but try to resist the urge to buy things you don’t need.

What I’ll Be Shopping For

I’ll be looking for the boring things like paper towel, toilet paper, deodorant, and diapers. I’m pretty specific about the brands I’m willing to buy so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get everything on that list.

In addition to staples, I am going to be keeping my eye out for makeup and skin care items. I am hoping to score some high-end beauty products as well as a few drugstore beauty items. Since I don’t get tons of pr beauty items, I try to save as much as possible when I purchase beauty products out-of-pocket.

What I’ll Be Sharing & When

If you are curious about what deals have caught my eye, I’ll be sharing my Amazon Prime Day favorites on my Facebook page and on Instagram Stories on July 9th.

Once the sale is live on July 16th, I’ll be sharing the deals I score with you in Facebook.

Also during the sale if you need help looking for something or need a suggestion for a product to buy, I can help with that too. Just go to my FB page and leave a comment on the Amazon Prime Day post.

Are you a Prime Day pro? Do you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share? Oh and what are you hoping to find on sale?


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  1. 7.7.18
    Darcy said:

    I can’t wait for amazon prime day! I love the tips. Thank you!!

  2. 7.15.18
    Kim said:

    I never thought of looking for paper towels and the likes! Good idea!

  3. 7.15.18

    You know, I hadn’t even thought of checking out the sneak peeks and requesting to be notified! Thanks for the tips and reminder this was coming up 😀

  4. 7.16.18
    Julie said:

    I’m so unprepared for Prime day. Part of it is I don’t even know what I want to shop for and the couple of dollars saved here and there on toiletries isn’t worth the time investment for me.