The Best Affordable Self Care Essentials Available At Amazon

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We’ve been talking about the importance of self-care for years. And while it is important to take time for yourself on a regular basis, it is especially important to practice self-care during times of stress.

Practicing self-care is different for everybody, but today we are going to focus on beauty and pampering. Don’t worry. We are moving beyond the typical bubble bath and hair masks. Here we have rounded up the best Amazon beauty finds for self care at home.

Amazon Beauty Finds for Self Care

Gentle Steam Eye Mask from Amazon

Gentle Steam Eye Mask

These masks are amazing. They warm up ever so slightly, just enough to be soothing. Put a on a mask, then sit back and relax for 10 minutes. We also love to use these on days we need some extra help falling asleep. Available in citrus, unscented, and lavender.

Ice Roller

This ice roller isn’t a new find. We’ve had ours for more than a year. Even so, it is is one of our favorite beauty gadgets. Meant to lift and depuff your face, we really just like it for how good it feels. If you need some help waking up in the morning, this will also do the trick.

Ice Roller for FAce
Foot Peel Mask Amazon Beauty Finds For Self Care

Foot Peel Mask

We love a good foot peel mask to get rid of calluses on our feet. Just make sure to do the mask when you know you won’t be showing your feet for the next 7-10 days.

Scalp Massager

One of our favorite parts of going to the salon is having our hair washed. This is the next best thing. The silicone teeth feel great on the scalp. You can use this anytime but we like to use it while we shower to make sure we get rid of excessive product buildup.

Hair and Scalp Massager

Heated Eye Mask

This mask is perfect for when you are trying to sit back and relax. The warmth on the eyes also feels great when suffering from congestion or a headache.

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  1. 8.13.20
    Arun said:

    This is so true. I have been ignoring myself and been quite busy during the lockdown with career, family, kids and whatnot. I can see the effect on myself, and I am determined to take care of my health. These products look and sound great, and I am excited about the impact it is going to have on me.