5 Ways To Get Ready For The Holiday Season

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Winter in Portland is often cold and rainy. But one good thing comes with the winter weather: holiday parties! Whether it is Friendsgiving, family photos, or a NYE out on the town, you will want to look your best.

Looking fabulous can take some extra effort this time of year. The winter weather can wreck your hair and leave your skin looking less than stellar. So in effort to help you be your most fabulous this party season, I have rounded up 5 ways to get ready for the holiday season.

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get ready for holiday season


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Parties, Instagram selfies, family photos, and NYE kisses mean your smile will be on constant display. I keep my smile white with Smile Brilliant. It is my absolute favorite teeth whitening system. You can read all about my experience here. Plus it isn’t to late to get your own white smile. Use the code feistygreenpolkadot15 for 15% off your purchase!


I’m betting you have a lovely pair of strappy heels to go with all of those party dresses.  Unless you have been keeping up with your pedicures, I’m also guessing your feet could use a little love. Two to three times a year I do a foot peel. I’ve tried several different peels but I like that the Patchology one has a bigger treatment sock. You are going to want to do this three weeks before you need to wear those heels so nobody sees the peeling skin.

Speaking of shoes, you don’t want to be breaking in a new pair of shoes while you are at your holiday party. I’ve learned this the hard way. Go on a date night or wear them around the house to get them broken in. Your feet will really thank you for it.
Blow drying your hair, straightening or curling with hot tools, and exposing your hair to the cold weather can leave your hair damaged. Before the party season make sure you have your hair cut and colored the way yo want. Getting in an appointment right before a big holiday, say NYE, can be pretty hard so book your appointments early. Also keep your hair healthy by using good hair products and doing hair masks.
Personally, I just buy one dress for the season since the guests at all of my events don’t usually overlap. However, you may find that you want to have at least two dresses if your event calendar is very full. Buy your dresses (or outfit) now so you aren’t scrambling to find something to wear at the last minute.

Even though the holidays are just around the corner, it isn’t too late to get started on this list. PS. Don’t miss this opportunity from Smile Brilliant and use code feistygreenpolkadot15 and save 15%.


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