5 Ways To Accessorize For Your Christmas Party

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means we are about to start the Christmas party season. Whether it’s your work party, a party with friends or a family get together you’re going to want to put your best foot forward, so here are 5 ways you can accessorize your outfit.

Accessorize For Your Christmas Party
  1. Style up your shoes
    Christmas parties often come with a terrible theme like having to wear an ugly Christmas sweater or dress all in white. Regardless of the theme, your shoes are one way you can accessorize to stand out. Whatever shoes you choose, make sure they are stylish and comfortable enough for you to dance the night away. Choose a shoe that you have broken in already, which means no brand new pairs purchased the day before the party. You can never go wrong with a pair of black heels or why not add some sparkle with some over the top glitter kitten heels.

  2. Bring a bucket bag
    Christmas parties usually also involve a gift exchange like secret Santa. Don’t let a big ugly bag ruin your style, plan ahead and bring a nice large bucket bag that can hold all of your belongings including your makeup bag, any gifts you receive and maybe even something warm to throw on after the party. Shopper bags look great and effortless and can be easily thrown over your shoulder, or if you know you have a lot of traveling to do then a nice leather rucksack or backpack can look stylish while also being practical.

  3. Be bold with your makeup
    Christmas party season is a chance to be bold with your makeup, experiment with eyeliner looks or maybe even wear a little bit of face glitter. If you decide to wear fake lashes make sure they are on well so they will last all night and use a liner to hide the lash band and glue. Make your look last with a tried and true 24-hour wear foundation and a good setting spray.

  4. Sparkle with well-placed jewelry
    Jewelry can make even the most boring outfit look pulled together. Try an elegant pair of drop earrings to elevate a simple up-do or accessorize an ugly Christmas sweater with beautiful bracelets and rings. Jewel studded hair clips are also very on-trend right now, so you could slip one or two into your hair for an effortless hairstyle that will sparkle under all the party lights.

  5. Wear chic outer layers
    At some point or another, you’re going to need to leave the party and the chances are it’s going to be freezing outside. Don’t be shivering while waiting for your ride to arrive. Instead, bring a warm coat or a statement scarf to set off your look and maybe even wear a pair of classic leather gloves to keep your hands warm on the ride home. If you remember to bring a nice bucket bag then it’s also a great time to slip into some more comfortable footwear as you recount the fantastic night you’ve just had. 


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