5 Simple Ways To Be Present

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Around this time last year, I did a challenge to be more present. I went into the challenge without really thinking about what it meant or having any real plan.

Maybe you have heard about the importance of mindfulness, contentment, and living in the moment. Being present gives us the opportunity to appreciate life, even the little things. But what exactly does it mean to be present? And how exactly is it done?

Being present means paying attention (like really paying attention) to what is going on around you. This is actually much easier said than done. So we can all work on being more present, I am going to share 5 simple ways to be more present.

ways to be present

Actually Listen

One of the things I learned during my undergrad studies was how to practice active listening. Often when we are having a conversation, we are half listening and half thinking of what we are going to say. We really just need to listen. Listen to what they are saying, process it, and then speak. Or better yet, let the other person do most of the talking. Doing this will not only help the person you are talking to feel valued, but it will help you retain what was said and respond in a meaningful way.

Eat With Intention

If you are interested, I have written an entire post on eating with intention. I’ll give you the short version here. When you are eating, take time to actually eat and taste your food. And put the phone down. You’ll have a few minutes to be in the moment and you’ll be in better tune with your own body.

Stop Multitasking

Did you know that it has actually been proven that you can’t really multitask? In reality, you are quickly shifting from one task to the next without giving each task the attention they need. Give what you are doing your full attention. This goes for doing things you enjoy too. Sit down and have your coffee in the morning and savor it. Then move on to your next morning task and really crush it.


As a digital content creator, I spend a lot of time on my phone or at my computer. If you are a working professional, you are likely in the same position. In order to be more present, you are going to have to put the phone down. Can you really listen to your spouse talk about their day if you are scrolling Instagram? If you want to be serious about being more present, block off a chunk of the day to be without your devices. Or think about putting away your phone for the last couple of hours before bed.


At the end of the day, you might have a tendency to rehash how the day went. Maybe you have regrets since things didn’t go exactly as planned. A lot of times those negatives from the day overpower our minds and we forget all of the positive things. Reflection can help bring the positive back into our minds. Write in a journal, make a gratitude list, or pray. Just take the time to reflect on the positive parts of your day.

Be  Present And Live More Fully

Now that you know these five steps to be more present, you are on your way to living an even fuller and more meaningful life.

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  1. 8.5.18
    Sarah said:

    I’ve heard ‘stop multitasking’ so much, it’s definitely a big cause for not really being present in the moment, especially with family.

  2. 8.8.18
    Heather said:

    Eating with intention is a big one for me. A few nights this past week, my husband and I even stood up at the kitchen island to eat dinner. Even though we’d taken the time to prep the meal and open a bottle of wine, it was rushed and we didn’t really pay attention to anything. Thanks for sharing!