2023 A Year of Adventure, Growth, & Prosperity

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I’ve always found life planning and goal setting useful. I’ve written many posts and filmed several videos on the topic, but I have never felt a strong desire to share my goals with the public. It isn’t because my goals are super secret or incredibly lofty. To be honest, most of my goals are pretty simple.

I didn’t share my goals in the past because they didn’t seem outstanding enough. But after thinking about it I’ve realized that’s silly. Not every person needs to have a list of 21 goals with the intention of becoming Beyonce.

My Words For 2023

For 2023, I framed my goals around the words adventure, growth, and prosperity. This is the first year I have selected 3 words that summarize my goals for the year. One word is too limiting but three allows for more breadth without being overwhelming.

Personal Goals

Live an 80/20 healthy lifestyle: One of my biggest goals is to be healthier. My biggest issue with a healthy lifestyle is being able to moderate my eating. I usually swing from one extreme to the other. I either over-restrict my diet or don’t restrict it enough. The 80/20 healthy lifestyle will require me to practice moderation, allowing me to strengthen my willpower.

Lose 10% of my body weight: I really don’t love talking about weight loss. It is a very personal and highly polarizing topic. But I’ve gotten to a point where I believe losing weight would be beneficial to my life. I’ve already spoken with a doctor who recommended the 10% number.

Do more things as a family(screen-free): Spending more time together as a family is very important to me. However, with a video game and tv loving spouse, screens end up part of our family plans more often than not. While the occasional video game battle or movie night is okay, I really want more of our family time to be screen-free.

Share my faith with my kids: I hate admitting that I haven’t been the best at sharing my faith with my kids. I’ve never been very good at putting my religious beliefs into words. This year I want to find ways that make this easier.

Pay off debt: I feel ashamed to admit that I have debt. I really shouldn’t feel that way as even the richest and most powerful people in the world have debt. However, I don’t want to owe anyone anything. So this year my financial priority is paying off debt.

Build an emergency fund: In addition to paying off debt, I want to build up a healthy emergency fund. When the next recession hits or if we have an emergency, I want to be prepared.

Professional Goals

Send weekly emails: Email is one of the most important parts of any blogger’s business. In the past, I was lax about sending them out to my subscribers. This year I will be sending out weekly emails, for the entire year.

Be consistent on Instagram: I’ve moved my business away from Instagram over the last couple of years. While I won’t be looking to earn the bulk of my income from Instagram as I did in the past, I do want to stay engaged with the audience I built there.

Post weekly to YouTube: I am going in hard on YouTube this year. I really love long-form content and YouTube is the place for long-form video content. My 2023 goal for YouTube is to post one video every week.

Increase revenue by 10%: Of all my 2023 goals, this one might actually be the hardest. However, if I want to pay off debt and build an emergency fund, I will need to increase my income.


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