The Most Popular Makeup Trends Of 2022

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After years of barely-there makeup and clean girl vibes, the makeup trends are shifting for 2022. While the minimalist vibe is still strong, this season we will see “more is more” trending. More blush, more eyeshadow, and more color are very much part of the trends this season.

For this post, I picked the 5 makeup trends that I think are going to be the most popular this fall and winter. I know all you beauty lovers will want to try these out ASAP. To help you out, I will be sharing my product recommendations for each look. You can pick up my recommendations on your next trip to the store or shop your own stash.

Makeup Trend: Lip Stains

Lip Stains
Image from Byrdie

It has been years since lip stains were popular in the makeup community. If you are old enough, you probably remember the last time the Benetint from Benefit was popular.

Personally, I am not a fan of lip stains. You need to be very precise when applying because they are impossible to get off if you make a mistake. I also prefer a glossy or satin finish over the dry finish of a lip stain.

However, if you want to give this trend a try there are tons of lip stains on the market. The most popular is actually the Fenty Beauty Poutsicle, which has been sold out since its release. I highly recommend going with a budget-friendly option so you can make sure you like lip stains before investing in a more expensive product. Flower Beauty has a lip stain that comes in several shades and costs around $12.

Makeup Trend: Bright Blush

Makeup Trends Bright Blush
Image from Pinterest

Instead of picking a pretty neutral blush as you have in years past, this year opt for a very bright blush. Hot pink, bright poppy, red, orange, and even purple blushes are all on trend.

Because I have natural redness, I am not a fan of blush in general. But I do love how this looks on other people. It is very fresh and adds a bit of youthfulness.

The Dior Rosy Glow blush went viral as the perfect bright pink, but at $39 that is a bit of an investment for a trend. To get the look for less, try the Essence Mosaic Blush in Berry Connection for $5. 

Makeup Trend: Graphic Liner

Makeup Trends Graphic Liner
Image from Valentina Cabassi

Graphic liner has been popular for a little while and it will continue to trend through fall and winter. So if you haven’t tried it yet, there is still time.

Even though I keep my makeup pretty traditional looking, I really love graphic liner looks. I love that you can use all different colors and that there is a ton of room for creativity. 

If you want to try the graphic liner trend, you can do it without spending any money. Use any liner you already own. If you don’t have a liquid liner or a creamy pencil liner in your collection, I highly recommend picking one up from NYX. You can find NYX in almost every drugstore and on Amazon.

Makeup Trend: Thinner Brows

Thinner Eyebrows as a 2022 Makeup Trend
Image from The Zoe Report

For the last few years, big bold brows have been in style. It makes sense that the trend is starting to circle back to somewhat thinner brows.

I won’t be doing thinner brows. I need a bolder brow as a way to balance my face. While this particular trend is not for me, I can get behind it for others. Ultimately you really want your brows to work with the features and proportions of your face. 

To try this trend, you don’t need to wax or pluck all of your eyebrows off. You can trim your eyebrows to make them shorter or you can brush them to the side. This will make your brow appear thinner and the results will be temporary.

Makeup Trend: Blue Eyeshadow

TV and movies really painted blue eyeshadow as something dorky or a color that only older people wore. But now we are seeing blue eyeshadow used and it looks very cool and modern.

I am very excited to play around with blue eyeshadow. Because I have naturally very dark eyes, I am leaning towards sapphire and dark navy shades. Once I find my perfect blue, I will share on my Instagram stories, so make sure you are following me there.

If you have an eyeshadow palette that has a blue shade in it, you don’t need to buy anything to try this trend. No blue in your collection? If you decide to buy blue eyeshadow, either pick up a shadow stick or a very nice powder shadow. You don’t want your blue shadow to look patchy because that look is never cute. 

Share Your Thoughts On These Makeup Trends

I know that some of these makeup trends might have you shaking your head. I would love to know which of these trends you are going to try. Leave a comment with your favorite trend. If I didn’t mention one you like, let me know that too!

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