Goal Recap and Looking To The Future

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This time last year, I wrote several posts on goals. I wrote about the goal setting process, shared my blog goals, and I shared my personal goals. This year, I am going to combine my blog goals and my personal goals into one post. 

Blog Goals for 2017

For Pinterest, my goal is to reach 5k followers Unfortunately this did not happen. I did grow from 1,999 to 3,835, which is a fairly good increase.

By the end of the 2017, I’d like to be averaging 10k pageviews This did not happen either. I spent the entire year focusing on social media growth and not blog growth.

I’d also want to have 10k followers on Instagram, which I know is a lofty goal.  This one was a success! I grew to just over 24,000 followers. 

As for income, I would like to earn at least $5,000 for the year. I’d like to do this through my ads, sponsored posts, and products/services. I don’t feel comfortable talking about how much I made exactly. While I didn’t launch any products, I did have an increase in revenue through ads, sponsored posts, and services.

Develop a free resource library for my readers Ultimately, I decided this wound’t be in my best interest. I don’t think my readers would utilize a resource library.

I am also wanting to streamline my blog content. I will be focusing more on the lifestyle topics and less on parenting  If anything, my content has actually gotten more diverse. I’ve also found myself posting much more about parenting than I ever thought I would but I am okay with it. 

Social Media Stats

End of 2016

Instagram: 3,600                       
Pinterest: 1,999
Twitter: 1,367

End of 2017

Instagram: 24,473
Pinterest: 3,835
Twitter: 5,001
Facebook: 1,235
YouTube: 27

Blog Goals for 2018

2018 Goals

Be more personable on the blog and social media. I struggle with this for a multitude of reasons. A lot of times people will refer to their blog and social media accounts as their “brand” Yes, I technically manage a brand when you look at it from a marketing perspective. However, I don’t want to manage a brand. I want to build a community. Building community requires relationships. Being personable and acting like a human is the first step when trying to form relationships. 

Consistently post on the blog one time a week. This last year, I focused so much on short form content (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook) that I didn’t post as often on the blog as I should have. Now that I have a few tricks up my sleeve for social media management, I will have the time I need to actually produce blog content.

Send out my monthly newsletter, monthly. My newsletter was also pushed to the bottom of the to do list. Of course I was also producing so little content that I didn’t have anything to share in a newsletter.

Get a month ahead on blog posts. Any large publication or website has most of their content written and ready to go well before it is actually posted. Then once the evergreen content is produced, additional content can be added when possible. 

Develop more long-term relationships with brands I love. Right now, I feel like my Instagram has turned into a review page. Everyday I get multiple emails asking me to try some product and share about it on my Instagram. I do love to help other entrepreneurs so I found myself saying yes when I should have been saying no. I will still have a monetized blog but I’ve grown large enough that I have the ability to be more selective with my partnerships. 

Personal Goals for 2017

Pay off medical bills All of the large medical bills have been paid! 

Earn $5,000 in extra income We paid the medical bills somehow, right? 

Lose 40 pounds I really failed at this. Honestly, I have to learn to prioritize myself and my well-being before I can tackle my weight issue. 

Complete a 5K I haven’t had an available weekend until now so I don’t know how I could have done this. Plus, I really don’t want to. This was a goal for the year because I felt like the odd ball out for not doing one. That is a dumb reason to make something a goal. 

Do Whole 30 twice I did complete it once. I am okay with this because I’ve decided Whole 30 doesn’t really move me any closer to my health goals. 

Do something new each month I’ve really gone out of the way to make sure I do this each month. Honestly this was the best and most rewarding goal I set for the year.

Personal Goals for 2018

2018 Goals health

Define what healthy means to me and work toward it. Last year I set a goal to run a 5K because that is what a lot of other healthy people do. Or doing Whole 30 because everyone else says I should. I need to really think about my health and what is best for me. 

Go on a trip by myself. I used to travel by myself all the time. It was so nice to do what I wanted when I wanted. As a wife and mom of two toddlers, I pretty much never get to do what I want. So a short trip would be absolutely lovely. Where would I go? I’m not sure yet. Charleston sounds nice. So does Austin. 

Get my skin under control. I have terrible skin. I have rosacea, acne, acne pits and scars. My skin is dry in places, normal in others, and even oily in spots. Going to the dermatologist can be expensive, but I think it will be well worth the cost. 


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  1. 1.2.18

    I am with you on the health thing. I make time for everything else, but not my body.

  2. 1.2.18
    Kristen said:

    Even though you didn't hit every one of your goals it looks like you worked hard to get very close! Great job!

  3. 1.3.18

    You really put yourself out there and shared with everyone. You have had great growth. well done.