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I don’t know about you, but I am super excited for fall. I love the cooler temperatures, the colorful trees, and the overall cozy feel that comes with the season. Of course, I also love fall fashion. Who doesn’t love oversized scarves, comfy cardigans, and cute boots? I’ve already picked up a couple of things for fall, but I am still looking to add a few more finds to round out my fall wardrobe. In this post, I will be sharing some of my favorite fall fashion pieces that you should buy now.

Favorite Fall Fashion Finds

fall fashion to buy now

Sweaters and Cardigans

If you were to look into my closet, you would find a number of cardigans. I might have three different black cardigans… Which is a lot for a person with a small wardrobe. This fall, I will be adding a couple of cardigans in neutral shades like grey and beige. Neutral shades will make it easier to mix and match with a variety of tops and t-shirts.

When building a wardrobe for fall and winter, I look for sweaters in a variety of weights. Something thin that can be worn alone or paired with other tops as a layer is a must have. I also like to have one warmer sweater that is super cozy. I prefer to stick to neutrals 90% of the time, but I am also loving the warm rust colors and olive greens.

It is also a good idea to have a variety of fits when sweater shopping. For a well rounded wardrobe, you could pick a more fitted sweater and a larger oversized sweater. The same goes with cardigans. A fitted sweater or cardigan will look great at the office and relaxed options are great for the weekend or a more casual work environment.


I never really was a tshirt person until this year. That was because I didn’t pick the right ones. I highly recommend going with the nicest tshirt you can afford and stock up on a variety of shades.I get mostly neutrals and then one or two fun colors. Oh and don’t forget to pick up a nice stripe too. You can wear them alone, under a top for added warmth, or layered nicely with vest or cardigan.

For tops and blouses, look to add staples like peplums, oxfords, or wraps. Then fill in the rest of your wardrobe with fun pieces that you love. I try to stick to a color theme even with my more fun pieces so they are easier to mix and match.

Pants and Jeans

I dream of a wardrobe full of leggings, jersey shorts, and yoga pants. Unfortunately I do need to have some real pants in my wardrobe too. I’m guessing you are in the same boat. The trends with jeans and pants have come full circle. High waist, button fly, and tuxedo stripe are just a few styles you will see at the stores. Personally, I prefer classic shapes and colors with minimal distressing. Whatever style you like, you are sure to find a pair in your budget. The options are pretty much endless.

For my wardrobe, I like to have a pair of black jeans, black nice pants, jeans in two different cuts, and one pair of jeans in a lighter wash. I work inside my home most days, so I don’t need a ton of different options. You may find that you need a few more options, especially if you work outside the home.

Dresses and Skirts

As a stay at home mom of two boys, skirts and dresses are not a large part of my wardrobe anymore. I do have a couple of nicer dresses for weddings and funerals. I’d love to add a comfy casual dress for when I am running errands or on a casual date night.

Shoes and Accessories

At the last Nordstrom sale, I picked up shoes and accessories for fall. I still need to pick up a pair of black shoes. Maybe flats or a booties? I love having some comfortable shoes for running around, fresh sneakers for the gym, and of course a couple of pairs of nicer shoes. I also love to have tons of scarves for layering.

I also added purses into the shoes and accessories section. I try to invest in nicer purses that will last several years. I only have five or six bags. I make sure to have two small, medium, and large purses. I mostly go with black but I do have two brown purses. Since I am trying to be more intentional with my purchases while also moving toward a more minimal wardrobe, I want my bags to match everything. I also don’t like to buy super trendy colors. If you are a collector or just don’t subscribe to the minimalist philosophy, accessories are a great way to add fun to your wardrobe. You can add pops of color with a red bag or a colorful scarf.

Shop For Fall Fashion

I am a big believer in having a game plan when it comes to shopping. Go through your wardrobe and see what pieces you need to fill in gaps. Then make a list of things that you would want but don’t necessarily need. Oh and don’t forget to set a budget. Armed with a budget and a list, you can shop for fall fashion without being stressed or overspending.

Most of the pieces selected for this post are from the following stores: J Crew, Anthropologie, LOFT, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, and Madewell.

I’d love to know what pieces you are thinking about buying. Oh and leave a comment with your favorite store. Then I can incorporate options from the places where you love to shop.

PS. I will be updating this post as more fall clothes are released at my go to stores.


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